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We have something for everyone regardless of fitness levels and goals. With safety and efficacy in mind, all of our classes have a maximum capacity of only 16 people. Smaller classes allow our coaches to assess, teach and ensure proper form & technique, and ultimately, give you the attention you deserve. At Fortitude, we train smart and safe.








Do you like cardio? Do you love cardio? Burn is the class for you, with bodyweight exercises and cardio equipment combined in a circuit format this class is guaranteed to leave you feeling like you have crushed your workout for the day. Constant interval work with short rest periods in between exercises guarantees that your heart rate will remain elevated for the hour.

No complex movements, no worries. Show up and be ready to sweat, but BURN is only as hard as you make it, so this class is extremely suitable for our beginners to the gym scene all the way through to the more advanced athlete just wanting to burn those calories.



FIT is a unique class on our schedule with a distinct emphasis on teaching you new skills. This is a kettlebell based class where we teach you both traditional kettlebell exercises with newer functional bodybuilding movements. The first half of the class focuses on teaching you these movements and skills at a controlled tempo, and then put them into practice with a higher intensity workout.

Wanting to learn some new skills, get more comfortable with a kettlebell or just increase your fitness? This class is the perfect FIT for you.

FIT is also a great choice for those new to CrossFit and want to learn the fundamentals.



Let’s be honest. Everybody could be stronger. Let us help. Our strength class is a combination of the basic barbell and dumbbell movements of squatting, pressing and deadlifting with the accessory lifts that will help you get stronger and importantly, move better and more efficiently.

Not just the static strength lifts, our strength class also involves Olympic lifting with no previous experience necessary, so we can help you develop explosive strength that will carry over to all aspects of your training. A structured strength and lifting program for those regularly attending, with some new skills and training ideas being taught if you are only with us for a short while.



Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity- basically a complex way of saying that we perform different exercises and movements but not randomly put together. These are the movements that help you out in everyday life, need to sit down? You’re doing a squat. Need to pick up your toddler from the ground? You’re doing a deadlift.

The last piece of the puzzle is the high intensity, simply work hard and get results. Barbells, bodyweight movement and cardio all get a run in our CrossFit classes. Importantly this is relative to your fitness level and familiarity with the movements, as our experienced coaches will scale the movements and workouts to a level suitable for you!



Box Fit is our newest class which combines the concepts of boxing with strength and conditioning movements, to give you a full body workout. Aside from getting you fitter, each session has a specific focus:

Monday – Agility & Speed

Wednesday – Power

Friday – Stamina and Endurance

Lead by professional fighter and experienced boxing coach, Coach Julien Salet, you will be in good hands! If you love boxing or are looking to change up your workout routine, join us for Box Fit.

Float like a 🦋 sting like a 🐝So excited to announce a brand new class, Box Fit, led by Coach Julien Salet which will run twice a week at the following times:Monday – 8amWednesday – 5pmTime to get speedy, agile & powerful 🥊Access:Free for full monthly members IDR 160k incl tax for non-membersVisit to book your spot!#TrainwithFortitude#FortitudeBali#BOXFIT

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This 30-minute class is all about building core strength and midline stability. CORE is a great finisher from our BURN class, or the perfect compliment to your CrossFit training. Improve your functional strength, prevent injury, all while getting abs of steel!

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