Welcome to YOUR Fortitude.

Have your habits changed and are you still on track? Times are tough(er) than usual and the new normal requires adaptation. Whether if you’re stuck at home or out of routine, things have certainly changed around us and we need to adjust.

BUILDING FORTITUDE Virtual Classes is here to help you adapt. A platform to support, build and encourage our very own #FortitudeFam.

Our online classes will run throughout the whole week covering your very own at-home wellbeing, healthy habit-building, energy and heart conditioning workouts, all-in to bring Fortitude to your home.


  • Access to 10 x online workout sessions that are led by Fortitude coaches
  • Complimentary community class, access to CrossFit home WOD every Thursday at 3pm (You can invite your friends and family too!)


  • Set up your gadgets (laptop or notepad or Ipad or mobile phones) in a suitable position. Consider having your camera in a position that allows our Coaches to have a full-frontal or side view of your physical body, in the case they need to give you tips or advice on your technique or movement skills
  • Test volume and camera before coming online, it is recommended to download Zoom app on your devices. Make sure you have access to good internet or stable WIFI to ensure a smooth virtual experience.
  • Have a small towel, water bottle and yoga mat ready for your workout session. Additional equipment like weights or alternatives will be advised by Coach based on programming for the day
  • Try to prepare yourself as if you’re heading to the gym. Discipline is important and that includes being mindful of when you have your meals and schedule your work matters or other responsibilities, so you can have full focus during class. This is a time for YOU.
  • Distractions are normal when at home but do try to adjust your surrounding in a conducive manner – one that allows you to be fully committed to your 60-minute workout session.
  • Questions and feedback are encouraged before and after class, you can unmute yourself to share your sentiments. Our coaches are there to listen and guide you.
  • It’s important to keep us informed if you should have any physical injuries, body, or health matters that we should be aware of. Scaled-down options are always possible based on your body requirements.

*Tax included

Expert Coaches

Our team of experienced & qualified coaches are here to motivate, encourage, but most importantly, help you stay on track.

If you’re struggling and need to redefine your fitness or nutrition goals, we will provide as much knowledge as possible!


Want to get stronger or healthier? Or would you like to focus on specific objectives related to your lifestyle? Just tell us!

We are able to custom program according to your fitness goals and personal references.