Tips for Dining Out Healthily in Bali

by Fortitude Bali

October 2, 2019

Working on our nutrition necessitates a certain degree of restriction and self-discipline. It involves changing our existing habits and replacing them with new ones. If you want long-lasting changes, you have to ditch the short-term thinking that comes with wanting immediate results.

This may sound a little cliche, but we’re not on a “6-Week Transformation” diet, it’s a lifestyle. The key is always to focus on consistency and sustainability. With this in mind, how do we approach things that are part of our everyday, like dining out and going on holidays?

Tips for dining out

Socialising and eating out happens a lot. And just because we’re working on our nutrition doesn’t mean we need to be a hermit and eat chicken, broccoli and rice at home when our friends and family are out having fun. That being said, I also do not advocate “cheat meals” or “cheat days” (comes back to the whole it’s a lifestyle, not a diet, thing). There are a few strategies we can implement to enjoy your meal out whilst still staying on track:

  1. Research.

    Check out the menu online or do some research on social media before heading there. Choose a couple of items that are acceptable for your goals. This way, if your first option isn’t available you will have a Plan B. You don’t want to turn up unprepared because without fail we will always be drawn to or talked into picking options that will take us further away from our goals.

  2. Have some protein before you head out.

    Protein keeps us satiated. The worst thing you can do when dining out is to turn up ravenous. Keep that hunger under control and the bread basket won’t be so irresistible.

  3. Ask for the dressing or sauces on the side.

    Dressing and sauces are generally very high fat and high calorie. And to make your meal more palatable, restaurants aren’t afraid to drown your food in them.

  4. Opt for lean proteins and vegetables.

    This leaves more room for a drink or dessert if you’re planning on having these.

  5. Eat mindfully and enjoy the company.

    Put down you cutlery between bites. Drink water. Chat. Chew your food.

For those of you who are based in Bali or coming for a visit, below are a few of my favourite places to eat:

  1. Motion Cafe.

    There are two things I’m currently addicted to – scrolling throug

  2. h memes when I’m supposed to be working and sweet potato waffles at Motion Cafe. There are so many toppings you can order (sweet a savoury), and for those of you who are sensitive to gluten, they’re gluten-free! My favourite combination is mixed berries, banana and peanut butter. This place really is heaven for gym junkies. They even have happy hour giant protein shakes!
  3. Lupe.

    For lunch and dinners Lupe serves “all-you-can-eat” buffet-style food. Each night has a different theme (think Greek, Mexican, Sunday Roast, Seafood…), but the bottomline is that for less than $10 you can load up on various proteins, salads and the BEST roast potatoes. Oh, and the owner Thomas is a fellow Kiwi and a pretty cool dude, too.

  4. Nude and Kembali.

    The Nude omelette has got to 

  5. be one of the best breakfasts around. There’s just something about the way they’ve caramelised the vegetables and that relish on the side. Their sister cafe Kembali is equally delicious and does a great cauliflower rice with a fillet of house-smoked salmon! Not to mention the place is absolutely Instagrammable.
  6. Echo Beach Club.

    Choose your protein and an all-you-can-eat salad bar by the beach – is there anything better? Get there early and catch the sunset even! I love the tuna and barramundi here. Very macro-friendly. The giant rack of ribs also looks impressive, although I’ve never dared to try attack it.

  7. The Chicken Shop.

    I’m not a chicken fan generally, but I love the roast chicken from this place. It’s my go-to when I’m too lazy to cook! Just be warned, the stuffing is highly addictive.

What are your favourite places to dine at while in Bali? If you have any must try eateries that we should know of and that would benefit our community, we’d love to hear from you! Next up…we explore the art of staying on track while on holidays.

Tips for Dining Out Healthily in Bali

*About guest author:

Maggie Chang is a strong believer in nutrition as a lifestyle, a synergistic balance between nutrient intake and enjoying the foods she loves. Her love of learning and passion for fitness led her to become the best version of herself; by learning how food can impact health, performance, and energy. Learn more about this Bali based nutrition coach at or follow Maggie on her Bali adventures here.

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