Get to Know Our Coach: Craig Presto and How He Won the Jakarta WOD Off 2019

by Fortitude Bali

October 20, 2019

It was a victorious weekend last month at the Bengkel Strength and Conditioning in Jakarta for our coach Craig Presto, who decided to compete in the Jakarta WOD Off 2019 for the men’s individual category. With an entire weekend packed with challenging workouts that tested his strength and stamina, it was awesome to see that all that hard work and training paid off as he won first place for the competition. Wondering how Coach Craig prepped for this win? We decided to interview him to find out.


How does it feel to win the Jakarta WOD Off?

Well, to be frank, it was actually more fun just to be there and absorb the atmosphere overall. I was there with Karin Bauer who’s a member of Fortitude¬† (and competed in the WOD Off too) and I had not competed for quite some time so getting back to it was more exciting than the actual win. On top of that, the WOD Off was great because we got to meet other people around Asia who share the same level of commitment we had in these types of challenges – so it was really good fun.


What were you doing to prep for this competition?

I mainly focused on Strength work and Olympic lifting – and it was mainly to get fit and lose excess kilos including watching my diet. I also made a point to get enough sleep so that my body can recover from all the training I’d put in throughout the weeks.

You mentioned that you were watching what you ate. What exactly did you eat?

Well usually in Bali we’d eat out but when we’re eating in we made very clean meals like chicken, with zucchini and some rice noodles for example. I’d also make sure I get some proper snacks in between like bananas or some True Protein shakes at the Fortitude Fuel Bar to keep me going. At night I’d also have some magnesium before I go to bed as it helps support the muscle recovery.


Wow! That’s a lot of work! Did you have a good support system to keep you on track?

Yeah I did get good support from the Fortitude fam including my fellow coach Yunus. When we had time to train together, he’d support me in some of the work I was doing but to be honest, the discipline had to come from me so most of the time I’d be training myself in between classes that I was coaching.

That’s inspiring. So what would you advise someone who’s planning to compete in challenges like the Jakarta WOD Off?

Don’t be afraid to compete. You’re only going to get better the more you train and these competitions are a great opportunity to see how you can improve yourself. Competing at this competition that weekend really gave me the opportunity to recognize my weaknesses (and my strengths!) and how I can improve. Winning it was really just a bonus and I know there’s always room for improvement for my next time I compete.

With that in mind, are you competing again anytime soon?

Yep. I’ll be competing in the YOUC 1000 Battle of the Fittest happening between November 23 – 24th here in Bali so hopefully I’ll be able to perform my best when I am there!

We believe you will too! Thanks so much for sharing your story Coach Craig!


To find out his progress towards his next competition, follow Coach Craig Presto on his Instagram.

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