FORTITUDE FAVOURITE – To Float or Not to Float?

by Holly Priestland

January 23, 2020

An Out-Of-This-World Recovery Experience

At Fortitude, our coaches have been using floating for recovering from workouts for years – and now we can finally do it in Bali too! 

Terapung Float Club recently opened their brand new, impeccably designed facility just a short ride away from Fortitude Bali; perfect for a mental and physical recovery session after our workouts.

But what is floating, why do we love it, and what does it do for recovery?


Floating involves lying in a tank of a specially formulated solution that allows you to float with zero effort, giving the feeling of being weightless. The room is entirely blacked out, so you almost feel as if you could be floating in the ocean, or even in space. Sessions are usually one hour.

Floating therapy is used for recovery from workouts, pain, skin conditions, insomnia, stress and anxiety, and just for getting away from the pressures of daily life.


The solution in the float tanks is made up of 1200L of water and 650kgs of Epsom salt – that’s a whole lotta salts!

Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulphate. When combined with warm water (the baths are 34 degrees celcius), the minerals are easily absorbed by your skin. 

Soaking in the Epsom salt solution can significantly reduce the inflammation caused by your workouts, and dramatically improve recovery time. It can also help reduce pain and swelling (especially around joints) and muscle tension.

Magnesium also helps with sleep, and is one of the minerals many of us do not get enough of in our diets. Sleep is key for muscle recovery, muscle growth, and metabolism. 

A recent study found that people who sleep 5.5 hours per night were 55% less likely to succeed with fat loss goals than those who sleep 8 hours per night!


Besides helping to relieve the muscle tension and inflammation mentioned above (remember – this can come from work, life, and emotional stress as well as workouts!), floating is also the perfect way to disconnect from our hectic modern lifestyles – and from technology. No clocks, no phones, no distractions.

Floating gives you time to yourself, either to process thoughts, or to gently put them aside. The sensation of floating can be unsettling for a few minutes, but once you relax into it, it is incredibly soothing! Some people even fall asleep in the tanks!

Without all the outside stimulus flying at us in the forms of emails, notifications, and other humans, our right-side brain gets the chance to explore. This is our creative side, and can often give us new perspectives and ideas that we didn’t have time to nourish before.

Magnesium also helps produce serotonin – a mood-elevating chemical within the brain, leaving us relaxed and happy after a float session, and more able to process the outside world calmly.


Located on Drupadi Corner, Terapung Float Club opened just last year, in 2019.

They have 6 float tanks, plus special rooms for yoga, breath work, and a gorgeous zen lounge to relax with tea or a coconut after your treatment!

  • Floating
  • Breathwork sessions
  • Yoga classes

Why we love them:

  • Seamless service from start to finish
    From the introduction accompanied by charcoal-infused water, to the homemade ginger lemongrass tea after your float – this is VIP zen bliss.
  • Perfect for recovering from stress, hard workouts, and the heat
    The magnesium-packed Epsom salt solution will aid in muscle recovery, and also helps with a good night’s sleep.
  • Open tanks
    Many of our previous float experiences were in closed tanks, which can feel a little claustrophobic. Terapung’s open tanks were a refreshing change, and made it far easier to relax and get the full benefit!

We HIGHLY recommend one of their combo packages, where you can do a breath work or yoga session first, putting you in the perfect frame of mind and the best state of nervous system to get the most out of your float session.

Book 1 day ahead to be sure of availability!

Check out their super detailed “First Timer Guide” on their website to get a really clear idea of the process here:

Fortitude member or training with us during your trip?
Get in touch to find out about our exclusive partner discounts with Terapung Float Club!


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