Everything You Need To Know About Strength Class

by Fortitude Bali

October 2, 2019

Suitable for all levels, our strength program is all about becoming a stronger and better version of yourself! Here’s everything you need to know about Fortitude Strength:

Thoughtfully Designed, Safe & Effective

Fortitude Strength is our strength program thoughtfully designed by our Affiliate Partners, Complete Strength & Performance, from Sydney, Australia. This safe and effective program aims to build lean muscle, gain explosive strength and help enforce quality technique through a variety of different elements

Make Trackable, Tangible Progress

This program is based on a 4-week microcycle (up to 7 days), with each week building on itself. This means it will allow for our longer-term members to make trackable progress and of course noticeable gains. For those just visiting Bali, do not fret because we guarantee you’ll get a good pump on regardless!

Vary Your Strength Inputs to be Bulletproof

The barbell is great, but Fortitude Strength incorporates kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds, bodyweight & bands – with strict, tempo, weighted variations and progressions. In order to get strong, you need to vary strength inputs, and this program does just that.

Access Your Potential Strength

Want to feel strong and whole for anything life throws at you? Recovering from an injury and want to get stronger? Looking to lose fat and build muscle? Is your lack of strength limiting your performance in CrossFit? Feel a little burned out from high volume training but still want to train? This program is perfect for ALL of the above.


We’ve just started our new Strength cycle this week, so head on into Fortitude and try it out for yourself! Fortitude Strength runs 5 days a week at 11am & 4pm on weekdays (except Wed) and Saturday at 8am.

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