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July 15, 2019

In August, we hosted a Double Under Workshop that was led by Glen Ranger from Rope Rage, where we ran through various rope training drills and concepts as well as take a deep dive into all things double under. Here are some helpful notes for anyone who feels like they’re at a wall with the double unders!



Let’s face it, injuries are NOT fun!

Hand positioning — best to keep hands in line with the hipbone throughout the double under, this makes sure your body stays in the centre of the “circle” your rope creates as it turns.

Handle grip — use the thumb and index finger to ‘pinch’ the handle and the other fingers to secure the handle in place. DO NOT grip the handle tightly because you lose wrist rotation potential.

Foot positioning — Keep feet together to form a single point of contact with the ground (stronger, more vertical jump).

Landing — point feet downward as you land on the balls of the feet to absorb the contact with the ground and prepare a good spring for the next jump.

Jumping — keep a relaxed but upright posture. Try not to tuck (bending knees and raising thighs up toward the chest) or butt-kick (kicking the feet backward during the jump) for maximum height on the jump—the longer you stay in the air, the better.



Thanks to Glen from Rope Rage for visiting us at Fortitude gym while he was travelling in Bali. He was kind enough to share his knowledge plus post-workshop notes. Please watch this one is a 11-minute video running through the various do’s and do not’s of double unders to help with progress. 


double under workshop - rope rage at fortitude bali

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